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Betula nigra 'Select'

Select river birch

River birch grows quickly and can handle urban heat better than any other species in New England. Dark yellow (sometimes pink-tinged) bark begins to peel in the tree's 4th or 5th year. Despite serving as a host plant for many insects, this species is only very rarely affected by bronze birch borer. 'Select' is derived from seed of the cultivar 'Heritage,' prized for its consistent growth habit. 'Select' is sold in single-trunk and clumping forms.

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Height: 25-45 ft
Spread: 15-25 ft
Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Characteristics & Attributes

Cultivation Status
Part Shade
Soil Moisture
Not Ecotypic in New England
Attracts Wildlife
Other Pollinators/Wildlife
Pollinator Powerhouse Plant
Host Plant
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
Urban Environment
Compaction Tolerant
Landscape Use
Rain Garden

North American Distribution

Select river birch - Betula nigra 'Select' from Native Plant Trust
by Dan Jaffe (c) Native Plant Trust
Select river birch - Betula nigra 'Select' from Native Plant Trust