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Sanguinaria canadensis f. rosea

pink bloodroot

Bloodroot is so named for its deep red rhizome, which grows shallowly and can form a huge flower patch over the years. The buds are cloaked by emerging leaves that later unfurl to reveal the striking flowers in early spring; this ephemeral will then go dormant for the duration of the summer, re-emerging only the following year. This plant occasionally flowers with a pink hue to the underside of the petals, hence the form "rosea." Plant in rich, evenly-moist soil in locations that don't heat up too much-- woodland gardens ideal!

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Height: 4-8 in
Spread: 4-12 in
Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Characteristics & Attributes

Cultivation Status
Part Shade
Soil Moisture
(84) Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens
(82) Acadian Plains and Hills
(58) Northeastern Highlands
(83) Eastern Great Lakes Lowlands
(59) Northeastern Coastal Zone
Ornamental Interest
Spring Bloom
Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Bees
Other Pollinators/Wildlife
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
Additional Attributes
Low Maintenance
Spring Ephemeral

North American Distribution