Native Plant Trust

Zizia aurea

golden Alexanders

Z. aurea grows large, spreads fast, and prefers a moist site. Yellow flowers top rich green leaves in the late spring. Shallow nectaries attract small beneficial bees, wasps and flies, and hosts swallowtail caterpillars. Mass in an open woodland or native plant garden.

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Height: 12-24 in
Spread: 10-14 in
Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Bloom Color: Yellow

Characteristics & Attributes

Cultivation Status
Part Shade
Soil Moisture
(83) Eastern Great Lakes Lowlands
(59) Northeastern Coastal Zone
(84) Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens
(82) Acadian Plains and Hills
(58) Northeastern Highlands
Ornamental Interest
Winter Interest and/or Evergreen
Spring Bloom
Attracts Wildlife
Host Plant
Other Pollinators/Wildlife
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Bees
Additional Attributes
Low Maintenance

North American Distribution

golden Alexanders - Zizia aurea from Native Plant Trust
golden Alexanders - Zizia aurea from Native Plant Trust