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Anemone multifida 'Annabella Deep Pink'

pink cut-leaved windflower

This pink windflower cultivar is adaptable to most conditions and should probably be restricted to meadows and wild gardens, where it can be left to colonize as aggressively as it pleases. With some dead-heading it can flower twice, making it a versatile, easy-going species. Anemone multifida 'Annabella Deep Pink' is an unpatented cultivar developed by Van Berkum Nurseries, displaying a vivid pink color and short stature compared to the wild-type species.

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Height: 6-20 in
Spread: 12-16 in
Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Bloom Color: Pink

Characteristics & Attributes

Cultivation Status
Part Shade
Soil Moisture
Not Ecotypic in New England
(83) Eastern Great Lakes Lowlands
(59) Northeastern Coastal Zone
(84) Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens
(82) Acadian Plains and Hills
(58) Northeastern Highlands
Ornamental Interest
Summer Bloom
Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Bees
Other Pollinators/Wildlife
Urban Environment
Drought Tolerant
Additional Attributes
Low Maintenance

North American Distribution

Photo by Neal Herbert, Public Domain
Photo by Neal Herbert, Public Domain